Kenshin Restaurant: Make your own Takoyaki!

While I was browsing for a restaurant for our monthly food trip/monthsary celebration, I bumped into this eye-catching restaurant called Kenshin Japanese Restaurant. I browsed their Facebook Page to see if this restaurant is worth a try for a special day.

Browsing through their page, I saw their famous dish, Takoyaki.

In this restaurant, you can choose between making or your own Takoyaki or have it cooked by the servers. For this day, ofcourse I chose to make it by myself. 😀

The finished look of my very own Takoyaki, made with pure love! Looks yummy! 😋 This only cost you 288PHP. Imagine having 16 legit Takoyaki Balls for only 288php! Not a rip off, and to tell you honestly the taste was really good.

We also tried other dishes such as Buta Shoga Yaki (Sauteed Pork & Veggies) for 268php and Spicy Miso Ramen for 228php. I wasn't able to take a picture of Buta Shoga Yaki because I was busy cooking my Takoyaki. Hehe! My bad. 😂

Those dishes tastes good but it was nothing special, the ramen was good but it was not as good as other Ramen Restaurants around Metro.

Overall, we enjoyed eating here and we'll definitely go back to try other dishes. 😊

Rating: 7/10

Have you tried eating here?

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